The A-Team was one of those shows I tried not to like when I was a teenager. Because I was one of those dorks with principles. It was too violent, it was goofy, blah blah blah. But underneath it all, I had a deep and abiding (platonic) love for Murdock, and a deep and abiding (not-so- platonic) love for Hannibal. Hey, what can I say?  I was a precocious little tyke.

When I finally got back into A-Team many years later, I became hooked on the show for its tongue-in-cheek humour, its exploration (however spotty) of the experiences of the Special Forces in Vietnam, and, of course, because Hannibal was still just as hot to me now as he was then. So I wrote a Hannibal/Maggie story, and figured that was it.

And then I discovered Face/Murdock slash. Which at first shocked me. I mean, jeez, they're Green Berets, people. It's just...not... possible. Is it?

Well. With the aid of amazing writers like emmastark, I convinced myself that it was possible, and that I could write it.  Hence began my descent down the slippery slope of slash (say that ten times fast). And I haven't looked back since.

Please read about my warnings policy before you go any further. Thank you.

Het/Gen Stories:

Tidal Forces
Maggie Sullivan returns to the land of the living.  NC-17.

By Any Other Name

He rolled it around on his tongue. Plain and simple.  He liked it.  Vignette.  PG.

Slash Stories:

If Only
Alternate Universe.   Fate, heroes, true love, the whole enchilada.  NC-17.  

Missing in Action

A post-If Only snippet written for doll.  NC-17.

Written for the highwaymiles community on LJ. Face and Murdock look at dents and scratches a little differently. NC-17.

All of the stories below take place in the same timeline.  They are approximately in order.


Christmas Day, 1970.  PG.

Post-ep for "Lease With an Option to Die".  PG-13.

Sense Memory
During the events of the fourth season, Face and Murdock reflect on their relationship.  PG-13.

Broken Wing
They hadn't talked about it in eighteen years.  He wasn't sure Murdock remembered it.  He wished he didn't.  R.

No Return 
Post-ep for "Point of No Return".  NC-17.

Double Cross
Missing scene for "The Spy Who Mugged Me".  NC-17.

Clock Watching
Missing Scene for "Without Reservations." Murdock POV. PG-13.

Freedom Bird
Post-ep for "Without Reservations".  Murdock deals with guilt over Face's shooting in the restaurant.  R.

A little Walt Whitman, late at night.  NC-17.

Three responses to the A-Slash Kisses Sweeter Than Wine Challenge. PG.

Two Christmases
Christmas 1984 and 1987.  PG.