These stories were not written by me, but by my partner, luvhandlz, who takes a rather...ah, irreverent approach to slash.  Long-suffering and supportive despite his heterosexual male tendency to find slash "icky", he one day set out to prove that you can slash anything, and naturally gravitated to Jack Webb and Harry Morgan, because he is a sick fuck.

After he wrote these little snippets, the lovely doll, procuress extraordinaire, sent us the first season of Dragnet: 1967.  And you want to know something scary?  You could so slash these two.  It's a little disturbing how cute they are together, really.

It's also possible that slash has rotted my brain.

All stories are rated R for complete lack of moral fiber.

Please read about my warnings policy before you go any further. Thank you.

Bathtime For Joe
Joe Friday lay in a bath of frothy pink bubbles.

The Stakeout
It was a hot, sultry day and Joe had stripped to his regulation BVDs.

Undercover Blues
Officer Bill had spent several hours picking the right outfit for the occasion.

The Big Luau

Joe and Bill go on a little vacation. Crossover with Hawaii-Five-O.

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