This is one of those fandoms that caught me by surprise. I've always had the beeg love for Bruce Willis, but have never had the urge to slash him until the unlikely pairing of John McClane, hardass and slightly curmudgeonly cop, and Matt Farrell, weedy tech geek extraordinaire, smacked me right between the eyes in Live Free or Die Hard. From then on, it was only a matter of time before I started writing this very odd, strangely sweet couple.

Please read about my warnings policy before you go any further. Thank you.

Short Stories

Life, Mid-Crisis

Written for the smallfandomfest community on Livejournal. When Matt bought the gym membership, he knew he was screwed. NC-17. Podfic available at  my podfic page.

From a Rut to a Groove

A sequel to Life, Mid-Crisis. John has no idea what he's done to deserve somebody who feeds him fresh strawberries and waffles made from scratch, and he's a little apprehensive about what will happen if he starts enjoying it too much. NC-17.

Interlude No. 1, or In-Laws in D Flat Major

A sequel to From a Rut to a Groove. It's always a joy to have the family around you at Thanksgiving. NC-17.

Sugar Daddy

A short piece written for oxoniensis' Porn Battle VII. NC-17, misuse of chocolate.

Always A Bridesmaid

Written for Sonia. John is too damned old to be anybody's boyfriend. NC-17.

Roughing It

John, Matt and a cabin in the woods. Written for HalfShellVenus and Yuletide 2012. R.

An Honest Man

He was as sure of Matt, of this completely left-field relationship, as it was possible to be, and people of John's generation tended to get married when that happened. R.