Getting It Right
by lamardeuse

Rated:  PG

Pairing: Fraser/Kowalski

Warnings (highlight to view):  nothing to warn for

~ for elmyraemilie, who wanted F/K with "Right here, Fraser." in it. ~

“Okay. That’s it. You’re getting closer.”

“I can’t see what I’m doing.”

“Because it’s so big you can’t see around it. Don’t worry, all right? I’ll help you get there.”

“I trust you, Ray.”

“That’s, uh, really nice of you to say, Frase. Can we get back to the main event here?”


“Okay. A little to your left. No, shit, sorry, my left. Nice. You’re almost there, baby. You’re almost there.”

“I’ve never heard you—oh—express such enthusiasm before.”

“Never had such a good reason to be enthusiastic.”

“I must say—”

“Wait, wait, wait! Oh, man, that’s it, you had it! No, no, no, back…this…way.”

“Ray. Ray.”

“Just go with it. Trust me, Frase. Trust me, like you said you did.”

“I do, I—”

“Then prove it.”

“Oh, yeaaaaaah! Right here, Fraser! Perfect!”

“So whaddaya think?”

“I think it’s the biggest satellite dish in the Territories.”

“Hey, I’m givin’ up Hawaiian pizza for you, Frase. But I’ll be damned if I’m gonna miss my Cubbies.”


July 2004

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