There was no hope of my resisting these two from day one. I have no idea what CBS thinks it's doing, but this "bromance" is so obviously sporting an unnecessary "b" it's not even funny. Steve McGarrett is all the way gone on his partner Danny Williams, and there's no doubt Danny is falling just as hard.

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Short Stories

Motive and Method

The standard undercover-in-a-gay-bar cliché, complete with fellatio. NC-17.

Christmas Tradition

Steve and Danny start a new holiday tradition. NC-17.

When It's Nice and Cold

Steve and Danny need to warm up. PG-13.

Riding on Two Wheels

Steve has a surprise for Danny. PG.

Wake-Up Call

Not your typical Saturday morning. PG.

Sugar Rush

Danny didn't know it was a date. R.

Absolute Beginners

Co-written with TheGrrrl. Steve sees Danny surfing and the rest is history. NC-17 (link goes to the AO3).

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