In late 2011, I discovered Lewis and the utterly adorable pairing of Detective Inspector Robbie Lewis and his Sergeant, James Hathaway. Sure, there's a bit of an age difference, but what's a few years when romance is in the air?

I blame all of this on gaycrow and Laurence Fox. 

Please read about my warnings policy before you go any further. Thank you.

And We'll Talk in Present Tenses
Lewis is too old for this. NC-17. Also available in PDF format.

Cause for Celebration
A coda to And We'll Talk in Present Tenses. Robbie doesn't usually celebrate his birthday. R.

Old Dog, New Tricks
Sometimes you can teach an old dog. R.

Comfort Zone
Lewis and Hathaway and a Canadian shack. PG.

Making Room
James fills in the spaces in Robbie's life. R. Available as a podfic at my podfic page.

First Light
A short morning after snippet. PG-13.

A Matter of Distance
James Hathaway is a reluctant gentleman of leisure. R.

In the Family
He's not getting any younger, as some smartarse he knows likes to say. G.

Life During Wartime
When James falls apart, Lewis is there to pick up the pieces. PG-13.

Hot Patootie
Robbie Lewis has never considered himself to be the jealous type. R.

Fair Play
Robbie thinks it's only fair. NC-17.

Stupid Cupid
Robbie has a date for Valentine's Day after all. PG.

Double Blind
"I think he's flirting with you, sir," Hathaway said. NC-17.

The Power of Suggestion
Because Lewis and Hathaway deserve a million "everyone thinks they're doing it" fics. NC-17.

For Argument's Sake
Lewis discovers something James likes. NC-17.

Someone Like You
James needs someone. PG-13.

James declares his intentions. PG-13.

A sequel to Intentions. PG-13.

A sequel to Beginnings. PG-13.

A sequel to Shift. R.

A sequel to Choices. NC-17.

Virtually Yours
Robbie goes undercover. PG-13.

Terra Incognita
James discovers something about Lewis. NC-17.

Up the Garden Path
The summer after Lewis retires, Sundays become allotment days. R.

Change of Heart
Lewis told Hathaway he needed a partner. He didn't expect to be jealous when James followed his advice. R. Available as a podfic at my podfic page.

Keeping Vigil
James watches over Lewis. PG.

No Time Like The Present
It happens like this. PG-13
Available as a podfic at my podfic page.