I am committed to providing warnings that will help those who are triggered by certain topics to avoid those topics in my fic. To this end, I warn for the following: character death, violence, noncon, dubcon, torture, graphic descriptions of characters experiencing PTSD, and crimes involving children or domestic violence/abuse. These warnings are found at the top of each story and are only viewable when highlighted, so that those who wish to avoid warnings may do so. I will also note if there is nothing to warn for.
Please note that warnings may contain spoilers. If you are coming to this page from my podfic site, you can find warnings for the story you wish to download by clicking on the story link below each podfic's cover art.

I do not warn for language, partner betrayal, or same-sex relationships (slash). Ratings (G, PG, PG-13, R and NC-17) are attached to all of my fics to give an indication of the general level of adult content, though I also include "explicit sex" and "sexual situations" in the warnings section. Pairing information is given in the header.

If I have failed to warn for content that you find triggering, please feel free to contact me.