What can I say? Considering these boys are in their twenties, I feel a bit of a pervert writing in this fandom, but I can't help myself, because they're so damned adorable together - bitchy and playful and saving one another's lives on a regular basis. I am powerless to resist.

Please read about my warnings policy before you go any further. Thank you.

Short Stories

The Common Touch

Arthur could see the thought take shape in the empty space behind Merlin's silly, mobile face and turn it more insubordinate with each passing second. NC-17.

Incentive Plan

At a certain point - Merlin couldn't have said exactly when - Arthur began behaving less like a prat. PG-13. Available as a podfic at my podfic page.

Accept No Substitutes

Written for the Make Them Do It challenge at Merlin Flashfiction. NC-17.

Above and Beyond

Inspired by Nicci's delicious artwork. Merlin and Arthur face the morning after. R. Available as a podfic at my podfic page.

Gone Fishing

Arthur is determined to discover Merlin's secret. R.

Traditional Remedy

Merlin is enchanted. Arthur misses the obvious solution. PG-13.

Something About You

Arthur was certain he'd lost what was left of his mind. NC-17.


Merlin waits for Arthur's return one winter night. NC-17.

Second Glance

Arthur and Merlin meet again after seven years. Modern AU, PG-13.

Virgin Sacrifices Aren't What They Used To Be

Arthur Pendragon, darling of the Royal Spacefaring Corps, crash lands on an unknown planet. And that's just the beginning of his crap day. NC-17.
Available as a podfic at my podfic page.

Natural Progression

Arthur gets used to something new. PWP, NC-17.

Laying Bare

Merlin's undressed Arthur hundreds of times. R.


Merlin confesses. R.


Morgause teaches Arthur about himself. PWP, NC-17.

Mind the Gap

Modern AU. This time, Arthur is the one with the secret. R.

Best Man

Modern AU. Arthur needs a date for Gwen's wedding. The rest is history. PG-13.

When the Clock Strikes Twelve

Modern AU. Merlin helps a friend and finds his destiny. R.


Modern AU. Merlin is starting a promising career as a costume designer and doesn't need action hero Arthur mucking it up. PG-13.

Auspicious Beginnings

Modern AU. The course of true love and all that bollocks. R.

Love for Sale

Modern AU. The bachelor auction story that no one asked for. PG-13.

Longer Stories

Defenders of the Realm

A modern AU written for Merlin Big Bang, 2009. c. 57,000 words, NC-17. Available as a podfic at my podfic page.

What Child Is This

A modern AU based on a 1939 Ginger Rogers romcom. Yeah, you read that right. 30,000 words, NC-17.

Special Occasion

A short coda to What Child Is This. PG.

Flight Path

Modern AU. Peter Drake just wants to lead a simple life. 25,000 words, NC-17.

Merlin RPF

I also write Merlin RPF, which I currently post to two communities on LJ. If you don't know what RPF is, best to skip this. Otherwise, you can find out more at the Archive Of Our Own.

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