British Columbia, July/August 2006
photos by lamardeuse


In BC, it's always a good idea to start with a totem pole. This one's in Stanley Park.


A street scene. I was struck by the windows of the building, which seem more Oriental than Canadian.
But then, sometimes Vancouver seems more like Hong Kong than Vancouver.


The seaweed on this Victoria beach was fascinating. And smelly.


An old-fashioned cigar shop in Victoria. If Vancouver is of the future,
 Victoria is very much of the past.


Apparently, most BC residents hate these touristy killer whales, which are peppered throughout
Vancouver and Victoria. They're passé now - the latest sculptures are bears. The residents
hate those, too.


They're everywhere. The building in the background is the Empress Hotel,
where I did not spend $54 for finger sandwiches.


There were lots of very pricey whale-watching tours and such in Victoria.
We opted for the slightly less posh tour, but it was fun.


If you ever go to BC, you must take a ride on one of the ferries. The scenery is not to be missed.



Neither is the wax museum in Victoria.  This is the guy on the Algerian Hook. And you
think your life sucks.


And for all the DS gals : this is Franklin. And his hands.


This is a view of downtown from Stanley Park. The number of condos already built and under construction
is staggering. There's no other Canadian city that looks like this.


And yet right next door to these million dollar condos is the neighbourhood full of junkies
wandering the street looking for their next hit. It looks pretty from here, though.


And finally: our friends' kitty!

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