The story of my entry into this fandom is a classic example of the fannish phenomenon known as pimping.  On my first lost weekend among fellow slashers, I was exposed to many new shiny toys, including The O.C., Stargate:  Atlantis, Numb3rs, The Invisible Man and Homicide. Though I can honestly say I enjoyed all of the above, I had no real urge to write any of them until I ventured into the Sheppard/McKay fanfiction, and then I was swiftly co-opted.  The snarky vibe between the two of them - along with the fact they seem to get horizontal at the drop of a hat - is difficult to resist, and so I decided to save myself the pain and didn't even try.  And it's going to be fun to get back into a fandom where the canon is still in the process of being written.

Note: I have recorded audio versions (podcasts and audiobooks) of several of my fics, hosted at jinjurly and now at my podfic page.

Please read about my warnings policy before you go any further. Thank you.

Short Stories

All stories are Sheppard/McKay unless otherwise specified.

Written for SGA Flashfiction.  John discovers a new way to relax.  NC-17. Podcast version at 
my podfic page.

The Other Half of the Equation

A few months ago, he’d never have considered that "death without honour" would ever be on a par with "death from soul-sucking alien." NC-17.

John's hands + chocolate.  Need I say more?  PG-13.


Late one night, Rodney contemplates the quantum mechanics of John Sheppard.  PG-13.

Points of Reference
John loved hanging out at the geek parties.  PG-13.

What annoyed Rodney more than anything was that it was beginning to look like he’d saved Atlantis so that it could provide shelter for ladies’ poker and Monday night football.  PG-13.  Podcast version at
my podfic page.

The Theory of John
He's this close to getting the man a t-shirt that says I Kill Brain Cells. R.

Second Time

Rodney knew everything was going to hell when they started playing the Duran Duran music.  Written for SGA Flashfiction.  NC-17.

Ring In The New

“I feel awfully good,” Rodney said.  “Awfully, awfully good.”

Kind Of Blue

Aliens didn't make them do it.  But.
R. Podcast version at  my podfic page.

Mating Season

John, Rodney and the psychoanalysis of Bambi.

Parrish has something to give Major Lorne. NC-17. (Includes ac- companying artwork by melagan)

Four Kisses That Didn't Happen, And One That Did
Written for Pearl's 5 Kisses meme.  Rodney knows it’s gone too far when his fantasies turn to kissing.  R. Podcast version at
my podfic page.

Look!  The amazing Eris has translated "Four Kisses" into Dutch!  Read it here:  Vier kussen die niet gebeurd zijn, en een die wel is gebeurd

Competitive Spirit
John takes a little longer to get it.  PG-13. Podcast version at 
my podfic page.

Last of the Magicians
Newton had it all wrong.  PG.

A short snippet written for Kitestringer.  R.

R and R
John, Rodney and one morning in Barbados.  NC-17.

Elizabeth gives herself permission (Weir/Caldwell).  PG-13.

Feast Day
Rodney doesn't recognize it at first.  R.  Podcast version at
my podfic page.

Driver's Ed
Written for the highwaymiles comm on LJ.  John, Rodney, puddlejumper sex.  NC-17.

Contact Points
So much for insulation.  R.

Rodney's been watching.  NC-17.

Guy Stuff
Rodney's not jealous.  NC-17.  Warning:  spoilers for Season 3.

Dark Desire

It's pretty dark.  PG-13.

Good Luck Charm

How did they all get those nifty new t-shirts?  NC-17. Podcast version at 
my podfic page.

Pillow Talk

A short post-ep tag for McKay and Mrs. Miller. NC-17.  

Casual Easy Thing
John contemplates the possibilities. R.

Alter Ego

Rodney in a goatee. 'Nuff said. NC-17.

Borrowed Time
A sequel to Alter Ego. NC-17. Also my 50th SGA story. Gawd.

And To All A Good Night
John and Rodney suck at Christmas. NC-17.

Over the Hill
John and the Forty Flamingos of Doom. PG-13.

If anyone’s youth had prepared him to live in constant peril inside a magical city at the heart of another galaxy, it was his.
Zelenka/Lorne. NC-17.

John's never done it before. NC-17. 

Romance on the High Seas
Christ, he was now officially the worst boyfriend ever.

He wasn’t an expert on the symptoms of mental illness, but he was fairly sure these were the first signs that there was a screw loose somewhere. NC-17.  Podcast version at 
my podfic page.

It was the supreme irony that it was the touch of a Wraith that had John so keyed up now. NC-17.
Podcast version at  my podfic page.

At the best of times, Rodney was never in the mood to deal with plumbing.

Stage Fright
Written for the GPFG community on LJ. David Parrish is a reluctant porn star; lucky thing Evan Lorne is willing to help.  NC-17.


Rodney discovers a new spectator sport.

Version 2.0

Written for Mav. Rodney's back to his old self, but not everything is back to normal. Rodney/Ronon, PG-13.

Running Mate

John introduces Rodney to a new sport, and Rodney introduces John to something else. NC-17.

A Hard Risin' Morning Without Breakfast
Rodney wakes to a pleasant surprise. But no muffins. NC-17.

How I Spent My Summer Vacation, by Dr. Rodney McKay
He wasn’t sure exactly when he’d plunged over the edge of the Niagara Falls that was John Sheppard’s goofy charm, but plunge he had.

Clear Blue Skies

There might not be any marshmallows or drinks with umbrellas, but this was already turning out to be one of John's favorite vacations.

Two Men and  a Baby
Co-authored with tex. "Oh, really, it's a great honor, a great, great honor, but you have to understand, I'm a very busy man back home, and I really don't have time to..."

Fashion Victim
It's canon! No, it's an AU! It's a canoe! Oh, hell, just read it! NC-17.

In Your Dreams
Rodney's dreams take a turn for the better. NC-17, spoilers for 4x04, "Doppelganger".

Tree of Life
Written for Aerly and the Sweet Charity auction. Lorne/Parrish. Everybody wants to save the galaxy. 12 000 words, NC-17.  PDF version here.

Not In the Job Description
John realized he was staring about a second and a half too late, and suddenly got really interested in his belt buckle. Crack , PG-13.

Drinking Game
"So I figure the thing we need to do is get drunk," Rodney said. PG-13. Spoilers up to Outcast.

Just Like Schrödinger's Cat
The act of observation changes the outcome. NC-17.

Postcards from the Id
“What, I don't even get any cats this time?” Rodney yelled
.  PG-13.

Get You Back
Written for thegrrrl's birthday. Post-Trio. NC-17.

Superpower No. 16
This pose, though, was ridiculous, even for Sheppard. NC-17.

Tell It Like It Is

Rodney slumped against him. "I can't have sex in my sister's house," he blurted. NC-17.

Hidden Depths
Yes, it's a Splash AU. You have been warned. NC-17.

Situation Normal
Rodney figures it out. A short piece for mcsmooch. PG.

Perfect Timing
John gets tired of waiting for perfection. NC-17. NOTE: Spoilers for SGA 501.

Good Neighbor Policy
John and Rodney and a little give and take. NC-17. Written for mcshep match, 2008.

Fantasy Life
Rodney's fantasies get the better of him. NC-17.

Written in honour of Cate's birthday. The history of a ritual (spoilers for The Shrine). PG-13.

A short, crackish Hallowe'en fic written for unamaga's birthday. NC-17.

Cultural Exchange
"What does he think we are, Fine Arts majors?" Rodney grumbled. NC-17.
Also available in PDF format (c. 150 KB).

Bedtime Story
Rodney reads. John listens. PG.

If It's Wednesday, It Must Be Pumpernickel
A short, crackish AU about domestic chores and Symbolic Sandwiches (TM). PG.

Third Chance
John gets one more chance. NC-17, set post-S5.

Very Improper
John gives a language lesson. NC-17.

The Art of Chilling Out
Rodney loosens up. PG

Home Improvement
John, Rodney and power tools. PG.

Solve for x
Written for Cate's friendship/flirting/thinking of you fest. PG-13.

In Plain Sight
Written in honour of The Grrrl's birthday. NC-17.

The Ways of Earthlings
As man-eating lizards go, John's not bad. PG.

Creation Myth
A short sequel to Two Men and a Baby, written for tex. PG.

Getting To Know You

- A series to complement Season 2 of Stargate: Atlantis -

The following pieces form a set of linked stories that follow the timeline of the second season.  The overall rating of the series is NC-17, though individual parts may carry a lower rating.

We'll Meet Again  (Siege III)

The Space Between   (The Intruder)

Sacrifice   (Runner)

Regression    (Duet)

Basic Black    (Condemned)

Chain Reaction    (Trinity)

Becoming    (Instinct)

Evolution    (Conversion) 

Reciprocity    (Aurora)

Disconnect    (Lost Boys/The Hive)

Down Time    (Epiphany)

Perimeter    (Critical Mass)

Crush Depth    (Grace Under Pressure) 

Parting Is Such    (The Tower)

Least Resistance    (The Long Goodbye)

Balancing Acts    (Coup d'État)

Noble Savage    (Michael) 

Smoke and Mirrors    (Inferno)

Some Sunny Day    (Allies)

You can also download a PDF version of the entire series here (c. 440 K).

Longer Stories


The Road To Nevada
Written for SGA Santa on LJ in December 2005.  AU, NC-17, c. 38,000 words.

If you prefer, you can download it in PDF form here (700 K)

Road to
                Nevada by inbetween

_inbetween_ made me this amazing artwork to accompany TRTN!  G.

The Road to Nevada by

Click on the image above to see Lorraine's gorgeous artwork for TRTN. PG-13.

Without Love
Written for the reel_sga community on LJ, June 2006.  Loosely based on the 1945 film with Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn in which Tracy is a scientist working on a secret government project and Hepburn is the widow who enters into an unusual marriage with him.  c. 22,000 words. If you like, you can download a PDF version here (~ 500 K).

Romance at the Roadkill Grill
Complete and total screaming AU. c. 22 000 words, NC-17. Also available in PDF format (c. 300 KB).

Depth of Field
Written for the Live Long and Marry auction. Total AU, c. 20,000 words, NC-17.
Also available in PDF format (c. 270 KB).

It's Magic
AKA The Cruisefic, or what happens when I turn John into Doris Day. Written for the Live Long and Marry auction. Total AU, 24,600 words, NC-17.