This, too, is mostly doll's fault (it actually isn't, but I like blaming things on her). Although Kim and Witchbaby deserve some of the blame.

To be honest, I resisted this one as long as I could, because, well, I lived the '70's, and even as a kid I knew I was living in a pretty shitty decade. I mean, my god. The hair. The clothes. The music. Did I really want to  go back in my time machine to that bell-bottomed and macraméd era?

Apparently I did, because I started reading some fanfic by Flamingo and Rosemary and others, and I knew it was only a matter of time before I would have to rent the DVDs. And then I sat around and stared at my TV screen until my jaw found a home on the floor. 

Because, yes, the hair and the clothes and the music. But also: the slash.

Holy mother of K/S. This is as slashy as they come, folks.

You want real, undeniable, painfully obvious man-love?  This is it, kids:   the groping and the fondling and the hugging and the banter and the bitching and the looks they give each other as though no other relationship they ever find will even come close to this. And they'd be right, because Starsky and Hutch are as canon as you can get without being Queer as Folk.  

Please read about my warnings policy before you go any further. Thank you.



Written for Lorraine, inspired by her artwork of the same name. NC-17.


A short snippet inspired by KimberlyFDR's movie icon. PG-13.

Beneath The Skin

Written for Morgan Logan and the 2005 Moonridge auction.  Hutch's investigation of a difficult case forces him to confront his greatest fear. NC-17.


After a surprising revelation from Kiko, Starsky and Hutch re-evaluate their relationship.
(76,000 words, NC-17.)

You can also download a PDF version of Outcome (800K) here.