What can I say about Star Trek?  It was my first love (the original series, that is) and the first place I encountered fanfiction, fannishness and truly crazy people like myself. When I finally got around to writing something for publication on the Internet, I first turned to Star Trek. Deep Space Nine has been my favourite of the "new" Treks; I enjoyed the performances of the actors, the chances the show took with plots and ideas, and the multicultural nature of the cast. Voyager...well.  I had many issues with that one, but two of the shining lights for me were Jeri Ryan and Robert Picardo, who always shone brighter when they struck sparks off one another.

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In The Light of Morning
DS9.  My first Internet-published piece, an Odo/Kira story set after "His Way".   R.

Galatea Redux
Voyager.  A Doctor/Seven story set a few months after "Someone to Watch Over Me."  PG-13.

A Delicate Matter
Voyager.  Part two of "Galatea Redux".   PG-13.

In Her Own Image
Voyager.  A Janeway/Sullivan story from Sullivan's POV.  I only realized after I wrote this how much people absolutely, totally HATED the Sullivan character and the Fair Haven eps in general, because I had several Voyager fans write me and tell me how I had redeemed the character in their eyes (gosh!).  R.

              d'Airo's artwork for Galatea Redux

Janet D'Airo created this lovely image for Galatea Redux; click on the image to get the full-sized version.