I have a confession: I've fallen for Lex Luthor. Hard. That's the only thing that explains this page (well, that and the fact that he looks astonishingly pretty with Clark Kent). Lex as he's constructed on Smallville and played by the fabulously talented Michael Rosenbaum is one of the woobiest woobies who ever woobed. The fact that he's also pure sex and totally in love with Clark Kent (who when he meets him is in the ninth grade, and yeah, let's not even go there) is a major bonus. I'm absolutely positive that Shalott and Estrella are to blame for this one.

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Short Stories

Coming Home
Clark and Lex deal with the loss of a loved one. NC-17.

Into the Woods
Clark and Lex go camping. Yeah, you read that right. NC-17 for mature themes.