This is all doll's fault.  Just so you know.

It's hard not to become aware of The Sentinel if you're a due South fan,  because many of the excellent writers in the fandom also have excellent TS stories.  So you read a couple.  Then you check out a couple of websites so you can get backstory, because the show was never aired in your neck of the woods.  Then you see some publicity stills.  Then you find a site devoted to all the slashy moments from the show.

Oh, dear.

Then someone (dolldolldoll) is good enough to send you tapes of every single episode, which you consume faster than soft centre Laura Secords.  And then before you know it you've started on a fic, and you can't stop, because you're dying to get to the hot stuff.

Because Jim and Blair are just so in love.  Oh, yeah. 

And they're pretty together.

Please read about my warnings policy before you go any further. Thank you.

Short Stories:

Many of these fics were written as responses to challenges on the
Sentinel Thursday LiveJournal community, a lovely group of
supportive TS fans who write and comment.  Another community
I've found to be very helpful is TS Talk (made up of many of the
same people), which is   the place to go if you want to know which
floor Major Crimes is on, or anything related to the Boys.

Show And Tell
A short NC-17 snippet featuring our boys and a blindfold.

Inspired by the events at San Francisco's City Hall in Feburary of
2004.  PG-13.

Sometimes a sock is just a sock.  PG-13.

Shadows and Light
Blair contemplates the evidence.  PG-13.

White Men Can't Jump
Something old, something new.  NC-17.

Check and Mate

The sequel to "White Men Can't Jump".  NC-17.

Memories of Water
Destiny, diaries and dads.  PG-13.

Just Us

Jim, Blair and a dark closet.  Need I say more?  NC-17.


Blair has snack food issues.  NC-17.

Slow Dance

A little romance never killed anyone - did it?  R.

Full Circle
Written for the talented Lorraine.  Jim contemplates fate and buys
a clue.  NC-17.

A Letter Home

Written for the Sentinel Secrets community on LiveJournal.  PG.


A short snippet using one of doll's first lines.  PG.

Treading Water

Written for the 2004 Moonridge auction.  Blair seeks to restore Jim's
balance, unaware he's in need of a little balancing himself.  NC-17.


Jim buys a painting and tries on a new rhythm.  Mild R.

Naomi serves as a catalyst for an important chemical reaction.  NC-17.

Jim and Blair go fishing far from home.  Written for round 2 of Sentinel Secrets.  PG-13.

Rite of Passage

Blair needs to purge.  Written for round 1 of TS Ficathons.  NC-17.

As the dawn light began to trickle into the loft, Jim lay in bed and studied the bruises marking Blair’s body. Written for PatK for the 2005 Moonridge auction. NC-17.


Written to commemmorate the 10th anniversary of The Sentinel, March 20, 2006. PG-13.

Something to Talk About

Written for Bluebrocade and the 2006 Moonridge auction. NC-17.

Past, Present, Future

Written for Kungfunurse and the 2006 Moonridge auction. NC-17.

Refugee Status

Written for ponders life and the 2007 Sweet Charity auction. NC-17.

Longer Stories:


Rating:  NC-17

Warnings:  Slash, language, explicit sex, violence. 

Summary:  Jim and Blair work on a case - and slowly enter a relationship of a different nature. The inevitable post TS-by-BS epic. Gorgeous title artwork by Nicci.

Equilibrium by Lorraine

Lorraine created this delicious artwork based on one of the scenes from Equilibrium.  Doesn't it make you want to read the story?  Or at least lick your screen?  (Click on the image to get to the artwork. Rated PG-13).